Auction Rules

Auctions normally run a total of 7 days. Auctions begin and end at 6pm EST/EDT. Postage & Handling for the item will be determined prior to auction start and is to be paid by the winning bidder.

How to place a bid:
Email your bid to the auction master listed.  Keep in mind we are not Ebay, so when you submit a bid it will not show immediately. In the event of multiple bids of the same amount, the bid received first based on the sender time in your email will take precedence.

Don't Play if you Can't Pay!
Our Care-for-life Dals would be extremely upset if you won the bid and didn't bark up the cash, and you would be promptly escorted to the "doghouse!" While we want this to be fun for all, PLEASE approach the auction seriously. Bidding can be fun, and winning even more fun, but no one wins if you don't pay. Remember, this auction and all proceeds from it go towards helping Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay care for our care-for-life dogs and rescuing Dalmatians from area shelters. Please be prepared to send payment upon notification via email that you have placed the winning bid.


ALL Proceeds go directly to our rescue efforts, so thank you all for participating!