Play for Strays!

Play for Strays was a big success for our spots! May 1st, 2005.

Many thanks to Julie, Owner and Karen, Manager of Paw Prince Pet Resort and Spa in Land O'Lakes for helping to raise over $500 for our spots in need. We also thank John Winters (pictured) and his lovely wife Karen for helping out our cause. He's a true animal lover and a very generous person.

Volunteers Terri & Bruce, Frank, and Sherry worked hard to make the event a success. The much-needed money raised will go towards our medical bills to treat our recently rescued sick Dals. And of course, thanks to all the wonderful people whom came and those who couldn't come for giving your hard earned money to help the unfortunate animals. We couldn't survive without all of you.

(P.S. Little Sharmin on the right is one of our fosters looking for someone to love her. She is just precious.)