Letting the Sunshine IN!

DRTB has a groovy time at HAIR held at Demen’s Landing, St. Petersburg! April 22, 2010

Flashing back to the 60’s for a single night, we grooved to the music of HAIR. The New Barker invited us to join them for the first ever dog-friendly presentation by The American Stage in the Park that was held in St. Pete’s Demen’s Landing. Instead of the usual Shakespeare, we enjoyed a retrospective 60’s offering that encompassed many of the issues & taboos of the era. People and dogs arrived wearing their love beads, tie-dyes, peace symbols, & flowers in their hair. Mary Ellen brought Savannah and Frank came with Hudson… the dogs got stage time prior to the show along with a few other select rescues. It was our chance to educate the public about rescue and to give these two look-a-like Dal-mixes a chance to find forever homes. Both dogs were very well behaved, though Hudson did want to help sing chorus! We all left “feeling groovy” with hopes this will continue as a dog-friendly event.

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