"Paulie" Becomes An Unexpected Special Gift"

Paul2"Paul" was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services thanks to our "South Florida" team, Linda and Dick M. He had been turned in by an owner who no longer wanted him. His skin was in pretty rough condition appearing that he had been quite neglected for some time. Linda and Dick started his healing process and then he was transferred to Ron and Vicki, new foster parents for DRTB.

As soon as they were sure Paulie would be okay with their cat, Ron and Vicki joined the growing ranks of Foster Flunkies. They write:

paulienewhomePaulie has rapidly become a big part of our family. When we first got him he was timid and had several wounds to his face, neck and belly. They have since healed and his coat is beautiful! He has become very protective of our family and lets us know when it is time to eat, go for a walk, and go to bed. Since we recently lost our 3 year old Dalmatian he was heaven sent to us and we love him dearly. Thanks so much for uniting us!

You guys are very welcome!!!!