Chase Goes Full Circle To Happiness
Chase3Except for a very few circumstances, DRTB concentrates mostly on saving Dals about to be euthanized in shelters instead of owner surrenders. Chase was one of those circumstances. His owner called, was moving and didn't want him anymore. It was evident after one phone call that he wasn't being cared for (he easily could have even been being abused) and that he would probably end up in a shelter anyway. So we agreed to go get him. Thanks to long time volunteer/supporter Chris D. who drove over asap to get him. Despite his owner being a grooming salon owner, Chase's coat was in pretty sad shape. Typical, young Dal boy, he was full of energy and attention seeking. We tried placing Chase in a home but it was obvious it wasn't go to work. Chris drove to rescue him yet a second time. This time, he was going to be a "keeper." 
Chris emailed "Chase is doing great!  He is a happy boy and doesn't duck or cower at home. He has so much more confidence and he and Ozzie love playing. He's a bit more reserved around strangers but we've been taking him out and working on his socialization skills. This morning @ 10:30 he will meet Dr. Herb so I will see how he does. Then we are going to PetSmart to get a new ChuckIt toy. We will be taking lots of outside pics this weekend and will send. Thanks so much!  Talk to you soon!"
Ahhhhh......another happy ending!