Lucky "Lulu" Heads "North" to South Carolina

Lulu FWBWe just can't imagine why a beautiful young purebred Dalmatian would be found wandering the streets as a stray. But "Lucky" was just that. Found in the panhandle of Florida, no one came to claim her although it looked like she had recently had puppies. Only about a year or two old, normally she would be considered highly adoptable, but not these days. Shelters are over-flowing and any and all dogs are on the PTS list. Thankfully, we were contacted and as always, we revved into "rescue mode" as fast as we could.

LuluThanks to Luc and Laura M. for agreeing to pick "Lucky" up as soon as she was spayed at the shelter. They gave her a loving place to recover from surgery. In South Carolina, a wonderful couple who adopted deaf "Charlotte" from DRTB two years ago, were now looking for a friend for her. Upon learning about "Lucky", they drove all the way south to Florida to meet her. The two spotted girls took to each other right away. They even look like they could be Dallie sisters. The attraction was immediate all the way around and now "Lulu" has found herself with a spoiled spotted sister and very loving doting Mom and Dad guardians. (Kudos also to Tony W. initiating the contact as a possible second Dal home)