Foster Flunkies Are Fine By Us!!!

KiKo3It happens all the time. Wonderful, kindhearted, spot lovers agree to help DRTB by fostering one of our "death-row" rescues. Case in point... Mary Elizabeth has had Dalmatians for a very long time and she loves them all dearly. A few years back she answered a plea from us for a senior Dal named Diamond who was deserted by her family in the Florida panhandle. Knowing Diamond was going to be a care-for-life dog, she took her in and gave her the best care until she passed earlier this year.

Kiko1After having recently lost two of her other spotted loves, she decided to open her heart to another foster. "Kiko" was a Cobb County, Georgia stray needing a place desperately as his time was up at the shelter. Elizabeth agreed to foster... Pat H., DRTB master transport conductor, found him a flight to Tampa with handsome young pilot Alan Silva, and the rest is history! When it came time to placing Kiko on Petfinder, Mary Elizabeth just couldn't give him up. Kiko had quickly wormed his way into her heart with his adoring eyes melting up at her every morning while his breakfast was being made.

We hate losing foster homes, but we will never deny true love!