Dal-loween 2012 Sets a New Record!

Last year we said we couldn't wait to see what the next year's Dal-loween would bring. OMG!!!Not only did we exceed last year's record fundraising, but then we were presented with that amazing donation byMarilyn & Bruce the amount of$25000!I think we can safely say we will be saving a lot of spots with that.Our THANKS go out to everyone who participatedthis year... your support is vital and we appreciate you all.


Marilyn  Bruce 


As for the rest of the day, the weather was perfect for our event in Lake Park. Bumper brought his Carbondale firetruck and the "puppy" truck from Palm Harbor. Susan, once again emceed the event with a bit of help from Mary Ellen & Bill Logan. Missing this year were two very special people, Lee Sears & Ron Ivancsits, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge sooner than we would have liked. We know they attended in spirit, never ones to miss out on the spots. Also, we want to thank Susan K. for getting Winn-Dixie to donate the food for the picnic and then cooking it all. Thank-you to Pampered Pets Gifts, the Clearwater Spay Neuter Clinic, and Susan C. with her Lucky Toss Game for their participation in making our day special. Thanks toBrenda Knollfor taking her wonderful portraits, she even came with Santa. We are so grateful to Kathey L-W. for donating the cost of the shelter once again this year. Plus we also received other wonderful donations from Ronni and Mike & Julia for their donation in memory of Bella. Of course, we thank all the folks that spent so generously in our raffles and auctions.  


2012 Dalloween Silent Auctions   2012 Dalloween Belle Leslie  Bill   2012 Dalloween Photos by Brenda  


Of course, what is Dal-loween without Contests & Games? There were some very wonderful & creative costumes to be viewed. Once we recover a bit more we'll get them on the website. Our costume winners are:


2012 Dalloween Diamond Crazy Catlady      2012 Dalloween Webster  Pandora - Alex  Cleo      2012 Dalloween Sammy  Zoe Buccaneers

  • First Place Costume Winner was Amy F. with Diamond as the "Crazy Cat Lady".
  • Second place belonged to Dan P. with Pandora as "Cleopatra" and Webster as "Alexander the Great".
  • Third place was the Jan S's Sammy & Zoe who were "Buccaneers" (the pirate kind).

Our game winners were:  

  • Pumpkin Dash - Dan P & his Webster.
  • Popcorn Toss - Amy F. & Diamond.
  • Bone Bob - Cheryl W. with Chloe.  

We also want to thank EVERYONE who brought donations to the picnic. If you have any pictures from this year's event please share them with us so we can get them up on the website.


 2012 Dalloween Spotted Dog family 

Hope to see y'all at our 10th Anniversary



Dal-loween in 2013!