Rocky, A Gentle Giant, Pays It Forward

Cruz faceFor all of you who know people that think there must be something wrong with dogs in shelters, please share this with them. Rocky came to us from Pasco Animal Control, he was called Cruz at the shelter. He is a PERFECT example of a PERFECT dog that was there because of no fault of his own. Thanks to Kristy and Shane for fostering this wonderful boy... he almost made them a foster flunkie, but when Kristy met his new family, she knew he had hit the jackpot and she had to let him go so they could help save another. An email from new Guardian Rick tells the story:


Rockys new family 2Rocky is doing GREAT and I know every owner things this – but our dog is the best dog in the world!  We took him to the dog park on Davis Island this weekend – he played extremely well with other dogs and did not stop running – he loves the water.  He loves to ride in the car and yesterday we took him to the Thai Temple where he interacted with lots of different people, he did great and was the favorite amongst all the strangers who came up and pet him etc.  I’ve attached a few pictures – he immediately bonded with my daughter (he’s her primary responsibility and she’s spoiling him rotten) those two of them are inseparable now.

Thank you so much for introducing us to Rocky – he’s the best!  Let me know if you want more pictures.




Rockys girl     Rockys boy