Adopted In Record Time

Linus Freedom rideLinus caught our eye quickly as a potential save in Miami-Dade Animal Services - a shelter with high euthanasia rates. Linda M. wasted no time in going to pull him for DRTB. After getting medically treated, he was released on a Saturday and plans were made to transport him to Tampa the following weekend. Thanks as always to master transport arranger Sharon H. for coordinating a run up to Tampa for Linus where Kristy V. was waiting to foster Linus.

Linus New FamilyBefore the transport was even completed, a call came into DRTB to adopt a Dal that had just been placed. Knowing that Linus was on his way up, a photo was emailed to see if there was any interest. And there was. Mike and his partner had just lost their lab of 12 years and were anxiously wanting to fill the void with another dog that needed a home. A meeting was arranged the day after Linus made it to Tampa and it was love at first sight.

An email confirms:

"Leo is doing real good. He got checked out by our family vet who indicated he is in great shape. We are having a good time getting to know each other. We go on two long walks a day..and he does real good. We are not using the crate as he is so well behaved, and he sleeps with us in the bed at night. Thanks for rescuing him for us.....Mike"

We just love it when it all comes together so well.