Molly to the Rescue

Molly rightIt has been said when you save a dog you never know who else's life you might save. Our girl Molly is another example of this, she helped save her Dad when he got ill last year. Molly was pulled from Polk's Animal Control back in 2010. She had one failed adoption behind her when she finally got it right with the Gregorys and returned the favor of saving her Dad's life! Here is the story told to us by Linda:

Molly girl"We adopted Molly a few years ago. She was very close to the both of us when we first got her. She was everything we were looking for in a dog. Not long after we had her my husband, John, started having problems with being dizzy and losing his balance. We thought it was nothing much since he had gone on a diet and lost a lot of weight. Molly started staying around John and just watching him. One night while I was in the sunroom watching TV, John and Molly went into the computer room, while there John got real thirsty and went to get some water at the kitchen sink he felt dizzy and thought he better sit down. He then passed out falling to the floor, Molly started barking and licking John. I heard all of the commotion and wonder what type of game they were playing. When I went to check, John was passed out on the floor. After the paramedics arrived they discovered his blood pressure and heartbeat was dangerously low and transported him to the hospital, after a week of tests, it was discovered, due to weight lost and a medication he was on had caused the problem. After John returned home Molly stayed even closer to him as if to monitor his health. The paramedics stated if Molly had not drawn my attention, things could have been much worse or even deadly. Needless to say Molly is spoiled rotten.  Thanks to Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay we got the best friend and companion that anyone could possibly desire."

Now doesn't this make you want to go out to save another? We do! Good girl Molly!!!!!