Two Time Foster Flunkie

PerdyLucy met DRTB volunteer Mary Ellen at a recent event and was convinced that she wanted to be a foster Mom for some spots. Her lone canine companion Rosie, was missing a four-legged buddy. It didn't take us long to find a little spot to fill that vacancy. 

rooster3Perdy is an adorable 1.5-year-old Dal-mix that landed in a Marietta, GA shelter. Being young, female, and small; we knew it wouldn't take long to find her a home. What we didn't know was how fast Lucy would become a foster flunkie. Rosie and Perdy hit it off immediately and were so happy together that Lucy didn't have the heart to adopt her out. 

Feeling guilty that she had failed the foster test, Lucy agreed to try fostering once more saying she had a little more room in her house. Next in... Rooster, a handsome little guy from the same shelter. It took a little longer for Lucy to flunk fostering again, but not much. Her pack of three is now complete. Perdy and Rooster (now called Rudy) play like crazy together which gives Rosie a break when she gets tired of the spots. 

Even though she foster flunked twice, we're still delighted that two spots found a wonderful forever home and that we now have a new DRTB volunteer. Thanks to all who transported these two to safety including Sheryl H… and Lucy, welcome to the land of spot lovers!