From Trash To Treasure

garruckandavacyngohomewinnie1These cute little pups were found in the middle of a North Carolina road by a Good Samaritan. After saving them and back in Florida, she found herself jobless and unable to take care of the dogs she had named Garruck and Avacyn. So she sent a plea for help. Luckily, we had funds to help (thanks to your donations). 

Volunteer Tony W. took over some food, appointments were made to have them totally vetted and altered. We realized they might be hard for us to place since they weren't Dalmatians. An opportunity to take them on TV with ABC ‘s Bill Logan on ABC came up and Mary Ellen W. and Tony worked to make it happen.

garruckirwinSUCCESS!!! The show was seen by a mother who fell in love with them and knew her daughter wanted a buddy, as was the daughter’s friend. These cute little 23 pounds sweeties have new names and new lives. Now Irwin and Winnie, both go for car rides, to dog parks, and beaches. Brittany writes, “I could not be happier with my handsome man even though he hogs the bed and barks at rocks". Mackenzie writes that Winnie "has been a joy to have and makes me the happiest owner". Thanks to all involved. This is why we keep doing what we do!!!!