The Texas Twosome

gueritaandbootsSiblings Boots and Guerita were both victims of a domestic violence situation after their human Mom died. Left in a backyard for days on end, they were taken to a shelter. They were both covered with hundreds of ticks. Volunteers spent hours at the Texas shelter trying to pick them off these two young, very sweet Dal mixes.

bootsnowjackWhen no rescues in Texas came to their aid DRTB stepped in. Transport was arranged and lots of wonderful volunteers dedicated their time and gas to relay these two to a safe haven in Tampa. Unfortunately, Boots and Guerita were so attached to each other after a lifetime of being left alone together; they became dog aggressive to any dog that got near them. After consulting with our trainer Jack, we found the only way to break this behavior was to separate them. After two months of working with them, volunteers Mary Ellen and Frank took them on TV. That was the beginning of their luck turning around. After spending nearly $1,500 and countless volunteer hours to save these adorable dogs, a break finally came their way.

gueritaandspecklesNow both dogs are in WONDERFUL new homes. Boots has been renamed Jack and has two feline friends for pals. Guerita has another rescued canine pal named Speckles to laze away her days with. It was a long journey for all involved, but these happy ending photos make us think it was all well worth it. MANY THANKS TO ALL the wonderful volunteers who helped these two on to a new, love filled life.