Henri is Our Hero!!!

Henri rides to rescuePoor Henri started out as a sad stray who ended up in the Polk County shelter back in 2008. He is one of the lucky ones as DRTB sent Pat H. to pull him and transport him to Karen H. for fostering. For a bit there it seemed a dark cloud followed him, first with heartworm treatment and later with urate stone surgery… yet he always stayed sweet. Lady Luck again smiled on him when Niki C. and her boys adopted him. They also fostered DRTB’s Samantha & then later adopted little Titan, now named Hurley. They are an awesome dog family always including the dogs in their adventures.

Henri 2013What made Henri a hero was one night in December 2012 when the house filled with smoke. The smoke detectors failed, but Henri was on the job and woke the entire family in time to get out safely. How awesome is that! It certainly makes him a hero in our eyes. Saving Henri meant that he could in turn save a family… this is what we mean when we say you never know how many lives you can save when you save one.

Henri is still living the life, though of late has had some more heath issues. He’s still a super hero in our eyes!

Henri on the run