Once A Champion, Always A Champion

LouieLouie, once known as a winner in the Dal show world as "Liberty's in Hot Pursuit", had fallen upon hard times. His human parents divorced and he ended up with his Dad. Then his Dad lost his house so Louie was soon to be homeless. Thankfully his dog Dad contacted DRTB and asked for our help. Although he loved Louie, he knew he couldn't care for him any longer.

Thanks to Sherry for matching Louie up with his new owners. They recently wrote us to tell us about Louie's new life.

Louie home"Thought you might want to see some recent pictures of Louie. He has lost 10 pounds, his coat is back to normal and looking great and is 70 pounds of personality. What a wonderful guy! He and our other Dal, Delilah, are best buddies. Louie still talks to us, especially in the mornings and he sleeps between us. Loves to lie on his back with head on pillow and legs straight up and gets his tummy rubbed. He is very happy and we are so lucky to have found him - he has been a great addition to our home. Thanks to both of you. The picture of the four of us is our Christmas card this year - neither Dal liked the bows much.

Happy Holidays,
Tom and Janet & Louie and Delilah"

Who says you can't get a perfect dog through rescue???????