Who Says Old Dogs Can't Learn New Tricks?

Conan_pascostraymaleTen-year-old Conan found himself in pretty miserable condition sitting at Pasco County Animal Services. His coat was badly eaten up by fleas.  Although he had a microchip with his owners name and number, no one responded to the calls to come get him. Poor Conan's future was not looking too good.


conan__emilyThanks to Pat H. for springing the old guy and taking him to our boarding facility. By a stoke of sheer luck, we got in an application from a couple looking for an older Dal since they had just lost their spotted girl of 16 years. Emily, their other dog, was lonely.


When Emily and Conan met, Lloyd said they were just like an old married couple - comfortable with each other immediately. Lloyd writes to tell us "He is a very sweet, well-mannered dog.  He and Emily love going on walks together. His hair is growing in nicely." He has been renamed "Marley the Wailer" since he is definitely a talker when he wants something.


Sounds like true love to us all the way around!