Gidget is the one for me!

Gidget_in_JaxAfter receiving a photo of a very dejected, sad looking female Dal-mix from Jacksonville Animal Services, we ran to her rescue. Found as a stray with no nametag, we decided to call her Gidget. Gidget went to live as a foster with Jennifer and Jim N. where she was quite happy, but still needed a forever home. She appeared to be quite young and in good shape.

sam_and_delilahSometimes sad circumstances for one Dal lead to a happy ending for another. Gidget found her new home because Zoe, another DRTB rescue, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Her owner Jan wanted to give another rescue a home so contacted us looking for a pal for her remaining rescue Sammy. Gidget and Sammy bonded the minute they saw each other. Running around the yard, the pool, the two were immediate spotted friends.

delilahWe love getting mail... the following came from Gidget’s new Mom. Her new life called for a new name - Delilah.

"Hi- some pictures. We are doing well. They went to the vet yesterday. Sammy for his shots and heartworm test, Delilah for a check-up and Leptospirosis shot. She will be on Trifexis for heartworm and fleas. She's really adjusted well, and is a really good girl. I see she's unlisted- good, cause you're not getting her back!!!!   Thanks to you and all the other wonderful people at DRTB. Will stay in touch,  Jan"


Thanks to everyone involved in saving Gidget!