Cute As A Button

mason4"Mason" just needed a chance to get out of the shelter in order to find his forever home. This adorable little Dal mix pup was found as a stray at 3 months old and ended up at Collier County Animal Control. We were called in to help when he got a very small case of demodex mange - probably due to the stress of life in the shelter.

masonandgromit2Linda and Dick McL. to the rescue once again despite already having a truckload of senior Dals at home! Mason's mange was treated and we listed him on Petfinder. The applications starting coming in quickly, but the first one was the best.

Jim F. and his Dal boy Gromit were missing having a second spot around the house after having lost theirs. Thanks to transporters Linda, Sharon, Lori, and Frank; the little guy was brought up to Tampa to meet his hopeful new owner. As they say, "the rest is history" and now Mason and his big brother are having a blast with each other. masonDad Jim couldn't be happier. He thinks Mason is the sweetest thing ever. We're betting Mason is going to have a pretty nice Christmas this year!

Ps. Jim just sent an email with this:

You can't help but love this little guy and be patient with him. He is so sweet. Last night before bed he fell asleep in my arms (while I was holding him like a baby). I think it was a blessing that I found him.