Madison - The Winning Ticket Name!

Madisoncolumbusncdal1Abandoned at a park in Columbus, Georgia, this beautiful Dalmatian girl was picked up by animal control. Sadly, Columbus is a very rural area with dogs having almost no chance of getting out alive. However, we got word of this pretty spot and set about making her safe. Thanks to a compassionate volunteer named Madison, we had an immediate foster for her. We decided to name the spotted girl "Madison" after her foster Mom.

As fate would have it, right after we took her in, we got an application from someone wanting to adopt a female Dal since they had just lost theirs named "Madison". I couldn't believe it when I saw it and knew it was meant to be. I called Renee and told her about our latest save and as they say... the rest is history. Here is a letter of her happy ending… she has now been renamed Georgia. A sweet ending if there ever was one!


madison_now_georgiaHi Susan!

She is here and I can't tell you how wonderful she is and having her here is! I've re-named her Georgia, my sister mentioned the name and the more I thought about it the more I liked it! So Georgia and I are doing very well, she is such a lady… so smart and so well mannered! When the grandchildren met her she was loving it … tail wagging and fitting in with them just like another kid. That was a wonderful sight:) I spoke with Madison’s vet from GA yesterday and she’s faxing all the paperwork to Doc Yoder and we will see her Monday. Georgia lies around the house and so far has chosen the couch as her lounging place; she loves car rides and walks. No ball though, I bounced the ball and she looked, then I rolled it and she looked at me like… so? This is fine… maybe she just likes Frisbees… we’ll find out there’s plenty of time. She gives big kisses too! And will wash your face for you if you let her. Her and Eddie are great too, last night she was looking out the widow and once she caught sight of Eddie in the backyard she intently watched him for a good ten minutes, it was so funny! I’m sure we will all meet soon… Pics to follow. Have a Great Weekend!

Thank you for all your help in putting us together:)
Renee & Georgia