DRTB Teamwork Saves Another Spot!

cloudWe love hearing from our adopters. Progress reports let us know that their new spots are fitting in and doing well. Bryan, "Cloud’s" new Dad gives us glowing reports like the email below.

Cloud_10Young Cloud was found as a stray in Hernando County. The shelter there doesn't make it easy for rescues to try and save dogs. Thanks to the tenacity of Pat H. & help of Krisztina K., Cloud made it out. Volunteer ME took her always-winning photographs and we posted her on Petfinder. Yet she sat at our kennel for almost a month.

Finally, her day came and she passed her test with flying colors and won herself a home. Cloud has turned out to be a really good girl as you can see from the email below. Don't ever think you can't get a wonderful adult dog from the shelters... they are packed full of them. Thanks to Frank for doing a follow-up visit with Cloud.

The DRTB team does it again - a precious life saved!




cloud_happy_homeJust wanted to let you know Cloud is doing great. She is incredibly well behaved inside. No chewing or accidents - she doesn't even take food off the table when you turn your back unlike every other dog I've had.  We have a gate that keeps her on one side of the house, and even though she could easily jump it she never does. She pulls like a sled dog when walking but we are getting her a harness and training to help with that.  Hopefully we can get her to gain some weight but other than that she seems in great shape.  

Thanks, Bryan

P.S.  Cloud is now getting trained on her leash manners and all reports are she is improving daily!