Justice Gets His In The End!

Justice_ambleJustice and his fur-family of another dog and cat, were all turned into the shelter to be euthanized. Apparently their owner couldn't keep them anymore and thought since they were all old it was the only option.

Justice__PalsLuckily, the staff at Citrus Co. Animal Services didn't feel the same way. The minute Justice was turned in, we received a call about a sweet 12-year-old Dalmatian boy... could we please help him?  He was in good shape, even heartworm negative.  Obviously, he had been well cared for and loved.DRTB to the rescue once again!  Pam and Ron didn't hesitate to drive up and get him that same day. Paw Prince made room for him at the inn. Alison B. went to visit and spend time with him. Pat H. sent out an immediate call for help. Unfortunately, our plea for him went out on Easter Day and failed to get any response. After two weeks we started to get worried about him because of his age and really wanting to be with a human. So we called up Rick D., one of our faithful elder dog fosters.
Justice_belly_rubsRick picked up Justice the next day and can't believe what a good boy he is and how he fit right in. He says if we didn't know he was 12, it would be hard to believe! He's roaming Rick's property with the rest of his canines and is enjoying his senior years to the fullest. A HUGE THANKS to EVERYONE making Justice's save possible! Especially Rick who will let him live out his senior years. He is so worth every bit of our efforts.