Malley Hits A Home Run

Malley_lets_playThis handsome little guy had the best St. Patty's Day ever! He got a new home. For this 6-month-old stray who wound up at Pasco County by Animal Services, his first hint of having the "luck of the Irish" was in getting rescued by DRTB. Many wonderful volunteers took him to a lot of events while he waited patiently for a home to call his own.
malley_aka_finleyAt the recent Tampa Bay Expo, he was spotted by Hollie and her roommate. It was love at first sight. Now renamed Finley, he will be a couch companion, a running buddy, and all around spoiled dude.

Thanks to ALL the volunteers who made his new life possible... Frank, Sherry, Pat, George, Christine, Paw Prince for watching over him while he waited, and especially Mary Ellen who shuttled him to his new digs.