Cutie Rio Finally Finds New Home

rio2This adorable little girl we named Rio, didn't have such a good start. First, she was thrown over a fence into someone's back yard. Put on craigslist for free, she ended up in another home. Not ready for puppy playfulness, she was then put on craigslist again. Lucky for this pup, Sherry saw her posted "free to a good home" and her rescue began.

A call was made and the owner was more than willing to surrender the pup to rescue. Pat H. drove to Polk Co. to pick her up. Next she was totally vetted thanks to your ongoing donations. Placed on Petfinder for adoption, "Rio" found what we thought was going to be a perfect home. Soon after being there, the new owner developed a terrible allergic reaction. 

rionewhomeSo now Rio was now back to square one. An Adoption Application came to us looking for a young pup - photos were sent - they drove from the east coast of Florida - and now Rio has a home well worth waiting for.

Her new owners say "she is sleeping through the night no problem, already likes the crate and sleeps in it without complaint.......she seems happy, likes walks and car rides and has more toys to play with than I did when I was a kid!"  By the way, her new name is Oreo. Sweet dreams and new life little Oreo. 

Thanks to Sherry M. and Pat H. for making this happy ending happen!