Aspen & Vail… Two Very Lucky Puppies

vail_aspen_puppiesTurned into a shelter in Panama City, Florida, we scooped up these two adorable puppies as soon as the call came in.  Pat H. was already on a transport taking Winston to his forever home in the Panhandle so getting them to Tampa was possible. No matter that they weren't Dalmatians... they were cute enough for us to rescue (Anna Banana, another Dal-mix, also came along for the ride home to rescue).

vail_aspen_playdateAspen and Vail went through some pretty trying times while being fostered by Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen has fostered a lot of dogs for DRTB, but really stepped up when she took both under her wing. As they were developing, the two dogs couldn't walk right... their legs were buckling under.  We took them to a specialist where it was determined that due to very poor care and probably being kept constantly in a cage when they were first born, they were deficient in nutrients and their bones weren't allowed to grow properly.  After giving them a real good diet and lots of TLC, they finally came around.

aspen_new_homevail_new_homeThese two little girls were a major hit when they went to events. It didn't take them long to catch the eyes of two separate families, each looking for a puppy to add to their families. Now, not only do Aspen and Vail have the best forever homes, they also get together for play date reunions!

Both families report that they absolutely LOVE their little fur-girls. They both get so much love and attention that their past neglect has been long forgotten. Special thanks to Mary Ellen for all the time and love she put into these two. And to the families who are making their new lives wonderful.