Phoebe Finally Lands A New Home

Phoebe-PatchesGASuch a wonderful, sweet dog... we thought she would never find a new home. However, six months after coming into DRTB's rescue, Phoebe is finally now with her forever family.

Turned into a rural Hinesville, GA shelter, it was obvious "Patches" had recently had puppies though she was brought in alone. When contacted by the shelter for help, we were told she was a "total sweetheart, good with other dogs, and knows how to sit, shake, and lay down on command". The shelter, having only a 5-10 day hold, does everything it can to work with rescues to insure as many dogs as possible get out alive.

phoebeLuckily for Patches, Karen H., our 5-star foster Mom, stepped up to take her in. After 6 months of rehabilitation complete with heartworm treatment and spaying, Patches (who is now renamed Phoebe) finally had an application come in for her. Jim & his wife were looking for a well-behaved young dog to add to their family. Just before Christmas they came to adopt her.

phoebe_nowOn Christmas Day, they wrote:

"Just a quick update to let you know that Phoebe is doing great; she is so well mannered and just loves meeting people and is always trying to please!  We all love her and she seems to enjoy her new home.  Boy, does she love to run."

A second update told us:

"Things are great and Phoebe has become one of the family.  She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball."

Her days now consist of going on walks and to the dog park and, of course, getting lots of love from her new humans and sleeping in their bedroom at night. Thanks to all involved in rescuing Phoebe.