From Shelter Cage Straight Into The Lap Of Luxury

rigbyIn December, we received a crises plea from Pinellas County Animal Services volunteers. A very handsome young Dalmatian there was going cage crazy. It's very sad to see this happen but a lot of dogs just can't take sitting in a very small enclosure day after day. The only outdoor time these poor dogs get is when volunteers step forward to walk them. Typically, cage crazy dogs have to be euthanized unless immediate placement can be found.

Rigby-Bigby_2Lucky for "Rigby", we were able to get him out of his dire circumstances immediately. Thanks to volunteer Gladys for dropping everything and making the 45-minute drive to the shelter. Rigby's luck got even better when I called a home waiting for a young Dal and they fell in love with his photo. They were willing to drive all the way across the state to meet Gladys and Rigby.

Rigby-Bigby_3Things weren't paradise right off the bat. Rigby was a little growly in his new home at first. After talking at length with the new owners, it was determined that he had a bad case of kennel cough and wasn't feeling very well. Just like humans, dogs feeling puny like to be left alone for the most part. Rigby was taken to the vet and did indeed have a upper respiratory infection. He was put on meds and felt almost immediately better.

Now Bigby, his new owners say "has taken to sleeping in a love seat so it's happily been called big baby's bed. He has been such a wonderful dog.... thank you for the wonderful gift you brought into our life!"

We were most happy to oblige! Thanks again to Gladys for spending the better part of the day making sure Bigby found his new home.