Miami Throw-Away Finds Love in Tampa


charles5Poor Charles was found as a stray in Miami. A handsome Dal, but he had heartworms and his nose was almost split in two.  Of course, he also had the normal flea and tick ravaged skin of so many dogs found as strays, dumped by owners who can't be bothered.

A team of DRTBers made his new life possible. Linda M. pulled him from the shelter.  Sharon H. and Lori helped to transport him to Janise J. who took him in as a foster.  She called him "Prince Charles" since he was such a handsome, well-behaved boy. After Janise nursed him through his heartworm treatment, Mary Ellen stepped in to help find a forever home for him.

charlesnewhomeLucky for all involved, a friend of Mary Ellen's was looking for a big, lovable dog. After a trial weekend, Kathleen decided that Charles would become a permanent resident of her household.  Kathleen emails,

"Charlie is such a sweet and affectionate dog. We have a great time on our daily walks. All my neighbors love him and he is great with the kids. He has settled nicely into my routine, though my cat Garrett is not as happy about the new addition as I am!"

Thanks to the DRTB team who made it all happen. Charlie got his home for Christmas!