From Street Dog to Service Dal

daisy2daisy1This beautiful little spot was found by a Good Samaritan who immediately contacted DRTB. He said she was quite loving and he was heartbroken to see her condition. Thanks to the quick action of Sherry M. and Lee S., "Daisy" was brought into our safe haven.

Once it was determined that an owner was no where to be found, Daisy quickly made her way into the hearts and home of Tom and Sue P. (this is their second senior Dal they have adopted from us). After she gained some much-needed strength with good food and extra vitamins, she joined her Lab brother Sam making Ministry visitations to put smiles on faces and hope in hearts.  Tom says a lot of true miracles happen with these K-9 visits. The trio will also be visiting the children at a preschool to bring joy to them too. Tom is hoping that others might put their dogs into this wonderful service.


 Daisy___GeorgeThe healing power of dogs is amazing. We are so thankful for Tom and Sue coming to Daisy's aide in her time of need. It seems she is very appreciative of the kindness shown to her by "paying it forward" to others.


PS. George walking Miss Daisy & Sam. He taught them both how to walk beside is scooter & beside regular wheel chairs


UPDATE June 11, 2012:

"Two Certain Things"

Dear Susan,
As Art our Sarasota Senior Pastor has spoken about there is two certain things in this world. You are born & you will pass, what we do in between is of most importance.
We went away this past week end & put Daisy & Sam in a very nice full service Pet Resort w/A/C. Full written instructions were given to them for the care of each of of them. (Friday around 4pm).
Daisy & Sam both got fresh baths, extra special breakfast & suppers along w/a short walk out in the back yard for Daisy before dropping them of at the Resort. Their bags were packed w/their favorite food, towels to lay on etc. Daisy was like a cat & loved tuna fish.
We were happy that she could do the Visitation Ministry for a few months at the Rest Home. We haven't taken her for the past few months because she had trouble on the slippy tile floors. We were looking for a baby carriage to roll her around in because everyone, to this day, still asks about her by name. Even the ones that can't remember their own. She is such a Sweet Heart as we are sure all your Dalmatians are at your Rescue Center.
Sadly right before we were going to pick them up Monday we received a call around 8AM  telling us that Daisy had just passed away, they think a possible stroke. So we went right over to see Daisy & talk w/the Resort. We talked w/the actual care taker & he told us how he took care of her & her special needs. It was exactly as we had written. Daisy & Sam stayed in the same fully air conditioned kennel room all week end and it was comforting knowing that Sam was w/her to give as much comfort as possible when she passed.
With the older dogs as we have said we give them as much Love, Caring & Attention for as long as they have on this earth. Daisy was very happy the whole time we had her & all that met her Loved her also. Daisy was always wagging her tail, it was like a Grand Father Clock, non stop. Such a Sweet Heart.
We will take a pause before getting another one from your Rescue Shelter. It is so hard to see them go, but so rewarding to change their hard lives into fully Loved Spoiled lives. Maybe the next one can be a lot younger?.
Sam, along w/everyone else, will really miss Daisy. Sam is still wandering around looking for her. As soon as we got home he wanted to go into the bedroom where she hung out mostly & was sniffing around for her along w/sniffing her collar & leash that was on the kitchen table. They were best of buddies.
Daisy is in a better place now & has her Golden Wings.
May God Bless your work at the Rescue Shelter.
Tom, Sue & Sam