Special Needs Dal Meets Special Mom & Dad

sargenewhomeSarge was one popular spotted boy on our Petfinder listing. However, because he was deaf, it took just the right home to make the right fit. After sorting through the applications, Tom & Tracy T. were just that family.

sargenewmomHaving always had a number of rescued dogs, Tom had just lost his constant sidekick, a male Dal. They had decided they wanted to give a special needs dog a home this time around. A very experienced dog family, they currently have 4 other rescues including an older female Dal.

After a couple days in his new home, Tom emails, "We would never know that he is deaf from his behavior. He takes his clues from the other dogs and has really picked up on the family sargenewpalroutine. He already knows where to go when it is time to sleep, eat, go outside, etc.  Smart dog that Sarge." We would like to say, "Smart folks Tom & Tracy for knowing that a deaf dog can be a welcomed addition to any family if they are trained and treated right".  The photos are proof enough that he is much loved already.

Special thanks to Karen H. for fostering Sarge and training him so well. And to Paw Prince Pet Resort for his immediate care after his shelter release.