Pacer Wins The Lottery!!!!

pacerWe came across an OLD Dal-boy that was turned into Orange County Animal Services in October. Already swamped with senior Dals and our senior foster homes overrun, we had nowhere to turn.

Thanks to Pat H. for quickly posting him on the DRTB Facebook page and to Sam A. and her husband Casey for stepping right up and offering to go pull him to safety. They have 4 other Dals and couldn't stand the thought of "Pacer" losing his life in a shelter all alone and unloved.

Pacer was pretty beat up when they got him out. Badly cared for teeth made it hard for him to eat. He was covered head to toe in ticks and fleas and had no hair.  Regardless, they took him to their vet and report that he is now eating & sleeping great and his coat is soft & smooth. He is deaf, has cataracts in both eyes, bad hips, and worn teeth yet they feel at one time he was well taken care of as he rides great in the car and walks well on a leash. He is house trained and a sweet boy that just wants attention. He follows them from room to room in typical Dal fashion.

Thank goodness for angels like these two who came just in time for Pacer.


pacer_safeUPDATE February 9, 2012: Today is a sad day. The 14-year-old Dal we rescued from the Orange County Animal Shelter has taken a turn for the worse. He stopped eating a few days ago. Unfortunately, we have to do what pet owners hate the most today. Pacer was an awesome addition to our household, and we will definitely miss him. I just hope these six months he has been with us were as rewarding for him as it was for us. He is definitely going to be missed.