Fall Pet Adoption Expo comes to Tampa

Expo_George__AshleyExpo_Tracy_with_AspenOur own super-foster Mary Ellen went on a promotion spree with Hillsborough County Animal Services spokesperson Marti Ryan to help promote the Fall Pet Adoption Expo at the Florida Fairgrounds, an event we attend every year. First Mary Ellen appeared on Fox 13’s Good Day with Champ. Shortly after the news show, we received two excellent applications for blue-eyed Champ. We heard HCAS phones are ringing off the wall for Champ too. You can see the broadcast here at Then the day of the event both appeared on Ch 10’s The Morning Show with cute little Aspen & Vail. Both puppies got lucky at the Expo and went to wonderful homes. Thanks again to Mary Ellen for being willing to step up to the plate last minute to go on TV for the spots!!!!  We are so cool.