Foster Flunkey Joins The Ranks

bobbie1It's always a little bittersweet when we lose a foster home because they fall in love with their foster. However, the "sweet" always wins our hearts!

Little Bobbi (named because of her bobbed tail) came to us from Hillsborough County Animal Services early this year. She was found as a stray and since she had heartworms, she was not eligible for the shelter’s adoption program.  Without a rescue taking her in, her days were numbered. Thanks to Alison B. for coming to our aid and transporting Bobbi to Paw Prince, our trusted and always there for us boarding facility.   bobbie4According to vets, Bobbi is thought to be an English Pointer/Boxer mix and approximately 3 or 4 years of age.

When dogs go through heartworm treatment, it is paramount that they remain calm for the duration of the treatment. Otherwise, the treatment could prove fatal. Thankfully volunteer Carole D. stepped up to take little Bobbi into her home. She worked wonders with her!  Not only did she Carole D. see her through her treatment, but also she was able to change a fearful dog into a well-behaved member of her senior pack.

Bobbi_Rebel_SquirtSo today, Bobbi lives happily with older brother Rebel and senior sister Squirt while keeping them young and entertained. Thanks Carole for falling in love with this little beauty and being a foster flunkey for her!

(Thanks also to volunteer Tracy D. for giving Bobbi her most favorite stuffed toy in the world!)