Together, Forever!

Freckles_from_levyMany of you may remember Freckles and Blue. They were our two starvation cases confiscated from a backyard in Levy County where they were found tied up and unfed. Blue had heartworms and Freckles had an eye condition called "entropian" where the eyelash curls into the eye cause severe irritation. They appeared to be father (Freckles, age 7) and son (Blue, age 5). Despite the lack of care they were receiving, which seemed to be NONE, they were still nice tempered boys.

Freckles__Blue__newhomeThanks so much to Karen H. for taking them in and lovingly caring for them while they healed.  Also to volunteer Donna A. for her compassion and kindness to them while at Karen's and Chris C. for transporting them to safety.We always hope a pair that comes in together will go out together. Especially, in a case like this where the two were so bonded, but it rarely happens. Hallelujah that in this case it did, their Prince Charming came in the form of Brian T.!
Freckles__Blue__DadBrian was just looking for one Dalmatian, but when he read their story, he said he didn't have the heart to separate them so he adopted both.  Brian writes, " Freckles & Blue seem to be very happy and are adjusting to their new home, love hanging out on the porches. They both warmed up to me the first day almost as if we have been a family for years." 

Now how sweet of an ending is that for two spots who were once starved for food and love!!!!