Room Service Included

Sandys_dog_hotel_all_sacked_outFor some folks, this scene would be a nightmare. However, for those "soft hearted for senior spots" people, this photo is heaven come to earth!

Sandys_ConnerI first met Sandy B. years ago when she met me at Pasco County Animal Services to adopt "Connor". Connor was a beautiful, deaf, 6-year-old boy who ended up homeless. He quickly became the special love of Sandy's life. So much so that she has now dedicated her life to saving spotted seniors for DRTB. She is our primary senior assisted-living facility (ALF) / Dalmatian hotel for so many of the oldsters that come our way. So many of these dog would not be able to live out their lives in comfort if not for her efforts.

Sandys_dog_hotel_at__feedingtimeEveryone who has visited Sandy’s house shakes their head in amazement (including me) as to how clean and quiet it is despite all those spots hanging around. Sandy laughingly writes, "No wonder I am tired all the time."  Yet she continues to lovingly care for as many as the law will allow… and she is at capacity. We are all SO thankful to Sandy for her tireless efforts for these old guys and gals with nowhere else to go.

For anyone wanting to donate funds to help provide these old guys with arthritis meds, joint supplements, and food/treats to help keep them in good shape, you can send a PayPal donation though the link below. Just earmark it "For Sandy's Seniors"… they can always use your help!