Seniors Being Saved

abby_mdasSome rescues feel only young dogs should be saved. Other rescues work only on senior dogs. At DRTB we feel they ALL deserve to have a good quality of life, whether at the beginning or end of life.

Over the past year we have saved many lives, both young’uns and oldsters. Since the old ones are so much harder to save, we wanted to update you on some of the good news we have had. Our plea for "Daisy", an old stray found on the streets by a good Samaritan, ended with her getting a wonderful home with Sue and Tom P. who had adopted a senior from us before. They report Daisy is doing wonderfully and her "happiness meter tail" is wagging a mile a minute.  

abby_now_allyThen there is Abby, now called Ally, who was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services thanks to Linda McL. She made herself at home with her new family consisting of Mom Susan, two teens, Lilly the old rat terrier, and a cat. Abby was in horrible shape when found, but thanks to Linda's donation of vet care, and now Susan's family TLC, she is on the mend.

GordyLast, but not least, is Gordy... a really cute senior male who wound up in a Georgia shelter. Since he was a staff favorite they kept him beyond his "time" hoping a rescue would come for him. With the help of some Georgia volunteers, we were able to get Gordy to a vet for treatment of kennel cough. It was then found he suffered from Congestive Heart Failure which he can live with for many years as long as he is properly medicated. So thanks to Laura D., he now resides with Janet, Lilly and Dals London and LuLu - two other senior rescued spots - for as long as he needs.

Even though they take so much more effort and money, we feel the seniors are worth saving. As do the fosters who come to love them so much. Thanks ONLY to your donations can we keep saving these old spots.