GoDspeed Lee Sears: 1951-2011

The man who'd do anything to save a dog leaves 5 behind

Lee_RIPLees_SamiIt is what all dog-owners fear, that we are suddenly called and there is no one to care for our dogs. Lee was a man who time & time again stepped in to save a dog in such dire straits and now his dogs were homeless. Lee made us promise his dogs would stay safe so we now must struggle to honor his last wish. How could we not??? He did so much for us. From shelter runs, transport, bringing a dog through treatment, to fostering; Lee was there for us. He said the best time of his life was helping move the 17 sanctuary dogs to Orcas Island.

Recent years were hard on Lee. A former EMS worker, Lee turned to real estate. Then the real estate market in Florida crashed and he had a bout with cancer, but he was always tried to stay happy & optimistic that things would turn his way. No matter what his struggles he always wanted to do more for the dogs of DRTB.

Finster_sit_1Maggie1Lee's passing left 5 dogs behind... some that will be hard for us to place. The dogs are SHASTA a very senior Dal who will stay with Sherry M. until her time comes to join Lee. In boarding at Paw Prince we have MAGGIE MAE a 6-year-od Beagle/Boxer who loves people more than other dogs and FINSTER an under-socialized 4-year-old Lab/Rottweiler. Already placed are SUGAR a Chihuahua with seizures and LEONA a 3-year-old Rottweiler who are in the care of family members. If you can do anything to help we'd appreciate it... it will be costly to keep them safe.

 Our last happy memory of Lee was gathered around a table post Dal-loween and enjoying his company... it is a moment we hold dear. DoGspeed Lee... we hope your beloved Sami & Mom were the first to greet you across the Rainbow Bridge along with the rest of our dogs that have gone on ahead.