Little Ricki Gets A "Big" Sister Complete With Home!
rickiEven his adorable "staged" shelter photo wasn't enough to find a home for this little guy.  Shelters are overflowing these days with dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes… which is why it's so important for us to keep passing the word on about adoption! 

Lucky for little Ricki we were already pulling another dog from Citrus County, a cruelty case named Misty Rose, when we found out Ricki's time was up.  Thanks to Lee S and his willingness to help a dog in need, Ricki was added to the transport to freedom!

ricki_and_sis_1A couple days after we posted his new photos taken by volunteer Carole D. a wonderful home inquired about him. They had two Dals previously that both passed and had just adopted another lab puppy, but they had always had two dogs. They fell in love with ricki_and_sisRicki, however it was not a done deal.  Mom Stephanie thought that two puppies at the same time might be too much, but Dad Tim had another plan in mind. He knew that Ricki would fit in just wonderfully and adopted him to surprise Mom. Now everyone is in love, including the two pups. Ahhhhhhhhh... happiness does exist in the world.