Dear Prudence

prudence_with_tomIn May of 2010, Tom and Sue P., along with Sam  (their Labrador), rescued an older Dal from us... her name was Prudence. She had endured a hard life, one with many years of neglect.

Luckily, we found a wonderful foster home for her with Tom & Kathy. They nursed her back to health and made her trust again. Once adopted, it took her a long time to regain trust and confidence. She even learned how to bark when feeding time came around.

prudence_at_workPrudence even had a "test run" as a visitation dog at the Veterans Rest Home in Port Charlotte. She was a perfect angel, everyone loved her, and she loved the attention.  The residents and staff there would line up to pet Prudence and Sam. Her treat after her day at “work” was a well deserved swim in the pool.

Sadly, her life of serving was cut way too short. Just after her heroic visit, she became very ill.  Tom & Sue took her to their vet and stayed with her during the night holding her paws and rubbing her. Sadly, she passed in the early morning hours. Tom wrote, "she was not alone and fully knew we loved and cared for her better than any part of her life."

prudence_afloatSweet Prudence went out with honor. Even after the sad life she had lived, she still loved enough to give smiles to others. This is why we love our dogs so much and continue to do what we do. They all deserve to have the love that they give SO much of in their short lives. 

Thank you Tom & Sue for loving Dear Prudence.