Little Dal, Big Spirit

spirit_arrivalSpirit_wiith_DRTBYes, he's a real miniature Dalmatian! At only 20 pounds, this 8-year-old spot came to us after his owner died and he ended up homeless. He was in pretty bad shape with a horrible skin condition and very overweight.  Thank-you to Cathy W. & Pat  for transporting Spirit so that he got another chance and to volunteer Mary Ellen whose TLC worked wonders on this little guy so he is now as adorable as ever.

Spirit has landed in a dream home. Longtime DRTB supporters, Renee and Mike, emailed that they wanted a friend for their little dog Mazie. Having been long-time Dalmatian lovers, Spirit fit the bill perfectly... his being a Dal, but little itty-bitty Dal.

spirit_now_homeSo now Spirit, renamed Beau, is enjoying roaming around his new big back yard with sister Mazie and Renee and Mike have a spotted companion once again.  Seems to be a match made in heaven for all.