Jasper Gets A New Home and New BIG Sister

pasco-jasper_pullWhen we pulled the little 5-month-old stray pup from Pasco County Animal Services, we named him "Pasco" to make it easy to remember which pull he was of the many pulls we do in a year. Of course, we knew he wasn't a purebred Dal, but he was cute as a button so we figured he would get adopted quickly. Luckily we were right!

A wonderful dog owner named Donna emailed that she had just lost her 15-year-old Dal/Lab-mix and her other dog was really lonely and wanting to "mother" another. It was a perfect fit for little renamed "Jasper" as he was looking for a Mom. A meeting was set and it was quickly apparent that the two dogs were going to be just fine, as was his new dog Mom. According to Donna:

pasco-jasper_and_sis"Jasper and Zayda are doing really good. He can do anything to her and she doesn't mind.  When I came home from work the other day they were both together on my love seat.  They really are becoming a team, he does what she does and she does what he does.  On Saturday I took them to a place near the house that she's been going to for a couple of years.  It is almost completely fenced so she can be off leash and I let him drag a real long leash.  Never has Zayda even got near the ditch that runs through there until Saturday.  She saw 2 ducks and in she went and her little white shadow followed her right into the stinky, yucky water.  I guess she needed to show off.  Needless to say, 2 dogs had unplanned baths that day.  Zayda's mood has improved already having him around.  Thanks again for helping arrange his adoption, we love have him as part of our little family."


pasco_and_spotThanks so much to Mary Ellen and Frank for taking good care of Jasper while his new home was found. Jasper fell in love with Frank’s dog Spot who he probably thought was his mother too.

UPDATE: November 6, 2012

Jasper's sister has gone over the rainbow bridge, we asked Donna if she'd like to include a few words and this is her tribute: 

In memory of Zayda

Zayda was a big, beautiful Beauceron, yet a gentle giant. In her short time in this world she was the best caretaker that her aging pointer friend Tango could have had. After he crossed over she needed a new friend, so into our lives came Jasper. Once again Zayda took over. A scared little Dalmatian rescue couldn't have asked for a better mom and buddy to show him the ropes. They became the best of buds. Sadly, Jasper was only with us a year before Zayda became sick. Zayda went to heaven on November 6. There is a big empty space in our house and our hearts. We miss her terribly. Hopefully, in time we can heal together.

ZAYDAJASPER_2012_together     ZAYDAJASPER_2012


Our condolances to the family... they always remain special in our heart.