Old Bill-E Lands In Doggie Heaven On Earth!
Bill-e_thenFound as a stray in Miami, this 10+ year old, battered, male Dal wound up in the Miami-Dade Animal Services with little hope of ever getting out. Thanks to Linda M. - our Southwest Florida shelter liaison - he did make it out! 

Not only did he make it out, but also he won the lottery ticket when he batted his big old eyes at Linda and her husband, Dick, and took up residence under “Dad's” office desk. I recently received the following email from Bill-E:

bill-e_now2"Hi Aunt Susan, this is Bill-E. I just wanted to write and ask you if it was okay if I stay here with Mr. Dick and Ms. Linda? I'm really happy here, this is a nice place for an old guy like me. It's quiet, we have a nice patio I can lay on and I can even swim in the pool if I want. The other dogs all like me even though I had to tell one or two of them not to invade my personal space. Missy Leila feels the same way and she tells them too. I'm feeling really good since I got on my medicine. I even run with Mack and Monroe when we go chase birds in the yard. Mr. Dick calls me his buddy since I hang out with him while he works. So I think I'll just make myself at home and hang out with my new family if that's OK with you?

Signed - One Happy Dog.

bill-e_now1Did they even need to ask????? Our only concern is that Linda and Dick are going to have to buy a ranch pretty soon since they are now up to 5 rescued spots! (Foster Flunkie Extraordinaires!) We're hoping they will win the lottery soon and may even chip in to buy them a ticket or two.