One Special Dog, One Special Owner

Bsmile2BeoWoof came to us from the Miami-Dade shelter where his time was up. An approximate 8-month-old Dal/Sharpei-mix, he was found as a stray. Our ever faithful South Miami volunteer Linda McL. pulled him for DRTB and helped transport him to St. Petersburg where on-going foster Mom Mary Ellen was willing to take him. (Additional thanks to Sharon H., David L., and Jim for helping with the transport!)

BeoWoof was one of the most unique dogs we have rescued. His coat was like rabbit fur. He could be sweet but independent at the same time and needed lots of exercise. He was one of our most popular dogs at events, generating lots of potential adoption applications.  However, no one seemed to be the exact right fit, as he needed someone willing to continue with his strict training and exercise regimen.

BmeWhen Marko met BeoWoof it was love at first sight. He walks BeoWoof  a mile or so to work every day where he is loved by the adult community residents. BeoWoof lives at Channelside where there are 5 dog friendly play areas on site. Marko also takes him to the local restaurants and BeoWoof is a favorite at one of the local pubs. Many tourists like to have pictures taken with BeoWoof.  It's truly a love-fest all the way around!

Thanks so much to all involved in his rescue and rehoming!