Stanley Finally Finds Love Again

stanley_nowstanley_now1Poor Stanley was left in the drop-box at the Wakulla County shelter one evening when no one was around. He seemed to have been well cared for - even a little on the chubby side. Lucky for him, and us, he was already neutered and heartworm negative. We could only figure that he had been someone’s special friend , but why jump dump him? It's got to be heartbreaking for the dogs.

No, he's not a Dalmatian, but he is black and white; so Karen H. offered to take him in as a foster since he had such a nice temperament.

stanley_now2Now he has found his forever home. Stanley's new name is "Goose" and he has a black lab brother named Fargo. His new owners say that he is doing wonderfully and that it's like he has always been a part of their family and lived there forever. Jay wrote to say, "We were afraid we would never find another dog as sweet as Fargo, but yesterday we did... they act like they've always been together".

We LOVE happy endings like these.