Rescue Comes From Alabama

banjo_and_palsA call came for help from a rural shelter in Alabama where dogs don't have much chance of finding a new home. They had a supposed 4-year-old handsome Dalmatian with a really nice temperament they were trying to save.

Thanks to a group of transporters we were able to get him to Florida. Ronni C., one of DRTB frequent supporters/volunteer, offered to sponsor "Banjo" until we could find him a home and board him at a facility near her. A visit to the vet gave us some not so good news. Not only was Banjo closer to 10 or banjo_home11 years of age, but heartworms had severely invaded his heart and treatment would prove to be too harmful for him. Also he was beginning to show signs of arthritis in his back legs.

We posted him on Petfinder, but knew the chances of finding him a home would be quite slim. So we called in our senior Dal hero  - Rick D. - to see if he banjo_after_dinnerwould take him in. Never one to say no, Banjo is now enjoying his last years on Rick's ranch with his other spots. He has plenty of place to roam and even a pond should he choose to take up swimming!  Rick sent some photos of Banjo with his other rescued dals Frosty and Apollo. Looks to us like life is quite good for sweet old Banjo!

Thanks so much to Ronni and Rick for helping to save this Alabama boy!