Pixie Should Definitely Be Smiling!!!

pixie__trufflesThis little impish pup - one of two we rescued from a rural Georgia shelter - is a very lucky little girl. She now has two best friends - Katelyn, her human friend and Truffles, her canine pal.

pixie_impAccording to Dog Mom Joanne, Pixie is quite the character. She is very sweet and lovable but can be very destructive (it's the puppy thing going on!).  Joanne says she probably would have returned her a long time ago if not for her personality and adorable smile she gives you when you come home. Or when you ask her if she was a good girl... LOL!

pixie_smiling"How can you not love that face... she is definitely a part of the family for better or worse."  We're very thankful for committed dog owners like them.