Multiple Foster Flunkies Do It Again!


yoda1Pam always jokes that Ron needs to keep watching Animal Planet. Every time he sees it, he feels the need to rescue another spot in harms way.


Enter "Yoda". When we saw his photo on a list of dogs needing immediate saving, we couldn't see the massive lump on his back. When volunteer Linda M. went to check on him, she was shocked at the size of it. He was in a wing of the Miami-Dade shelter that put meant almost certain euthanasia.

As often as possible we assume the risk thus decided to take a chance on him, a really good thing. We had our south Florida transport team of Linda, Sharon and Jan (yeah team!) bring him up to Tampa and delivered him to Dr. Hong’s (thanks Chris!).

yodaandchloeAfter a 4-hour surgery requiring 43 stitches, the lump was mostly removed. Dr. Hong said it was the biggest fatty tumor he had ever seen and was positive that no biopsy was needed. The mass was so attached to different areas of Yoda's body that part of it close to the spine couldn't be removed safely. We think from the appearance of previous scars that surgery had been done once before. It was also noted poor Yoda is missing two back toes... we can only guess what maybe have happened there. Although there is no guarantee that the mass won't come back, it is of a type that is very slow growing so Yoda should live a good life unburdened by it for some time to come.

yodatodayOf course, while Yoda was undergoing surgery, we were again begging for a foster home for his  recovery. Pam and Ron, down to one ‘spot’ from their previous three, had read about his plight on Facebook. A phone call was all it took for them to agree to pick him up at Dr. Hong’s and "just watch over him for 10 days" until he had a chance to heal.

Ten days quickly turned into a lifelong adoption. Pam says Yoda loves his new Mommie and sister Chloe (another DRTB save). Way to go Ron.... you just keep on watching Animal Planet!!!