Susie Q (aka Susan) Gets Forever Home!

Susan_alone_2Her sad story and photos captured a lot of hearts and we thank everyone for responding to help Susan. Her owner died and she had to be removed by Miami Dade Animal Services from her home to find herself lying on a concrete cement floor in a chain link kennel. And thrown in with two other abandoned dogs.

Susan_at_homeWe can't help them all but for Susan there is a very happy ending. Thanks to our Miami transport team of Linda, Sharon and Jan - we were able to pull her out of the shelter and transport her to her awaiting home!

That home belongs to Gladys and Dori, Patticake (who was adopted years ago from us), and Chrissy. They all opened their hearts to Susan_sleepy_pals_2take Susan in and now she is thriving again. Gladys writes that "she is wonderful, eating dry food and loves to chew on doggie bones, in fact she has Patticake and Chrissy chewing on them too. She loves Patticake and seems very curious about Chrissy - their Susan_new_homeblind Peke." She has a new dog bed of her own and follows her new guardians everywhere. She has made herself at home both inside and outside in the yard. She's a little stiff from old age but that goes with the territory of being an 11 year old Dal.

We thank Gladys and Dori so much for adopting another spot.  It's wonderful knowing that she is loved and cared for once again. We are grateful to all who responded to her story - for caring that she be saved.