Second Time's The Charm

Rascal_babyRascal_at_PSPThere is a song that says something like "sometimes love is better the second time around". There is absolutely NO doubt in our minds that is the case for cute little Domino - a stray we found in a Jacksonville area shelter. Although not even close to a Dalmatian, he is black and white so we rescued him.

Originally rescued from Jacksonville and then fostered in Sarasota, he had a false start with a nice young woman who found he had too much energy to be cooped up at home all day. He has met his perfect match with his new family who appears to have as much energy as he does.

We recently received wonderful photos and this nice email from his new owners:

Just wanted to share these pictures of Domino with everyone. He is doing extremely well and is very settled in with his new family. He loves going for rides and going to the p-a-r-k (yes, we spell it out around here these days!)

RascalGuapoDomino_Tug   RascalGuapoDomino_sit   RascalGuapoDomino_play


As you can see in some of the photos, we have completed installation of the fence in the back yard and he loves going out there and playing with the kids. Frisbee seems to be his favorite sport. He's improved dramatically and is even catching quite a few in the air now.
Also, we were wayyy to curious, so we spent a few dollars on a DNA test for him. The results were quite comical. They came back as Collie, American Staffordshire Terrier.....and.....Chihuahua! Yeah, we aren't buying it either :)
Thanks again for allowing us to add Domino to our family. We cherish him as one of us now.

Adam and Pam

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped save this little guys life… Jay, Jen, Frank, Sherry, and Karen. Obviously, he is well worth the effort.