He's the Boogie Woogie "BeagleBoy" of Company B!
Caught in a life-or-death situation, DRTB joins another rescue group to save this non-spotted Beagleboy.


Posted June 4th, 2005.



Happy to be Going Home!

Courtesy of DRTB and our spay/neuter grant from Petsmart, one less little Beagle Boy will add to the over population of that breed. (4,603 currently needing homes on - and those are just the ones listed and not in high-kill shelters)

This poor little guy was found wandering on a very busy four-lane highway...almost assured to get hit. We pitched in with another rescue group to get him all ready for adoption (he spent the night with lots of spots before his big surgery day) and into a responsible new home.

His new name says it all.....LUCKY Dog!!!